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NapUp Headrest - Red

NapUp Headrest - Red

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Comfortable sleep on the go!

NapUp is a product that even you thought someone could really invent. The NapUp headrest keeps the child's head in the ideal position while sleeping in the car, so that it does not disturb the child, does not squeeze it and leaves enough space for the head and neck to move freely.

How does NapUp work? The product can be attached to the car seat and/or high-back booster seat with adjustable straps. When the child is awake, the headband can easily be moved upwards. When the child has fallen asleep, the forehead strap can be folded down with a single movement, without disturbing the child. Thus preventing the child's head from tilting forward during sleep. Even the driver can easily adjust the forehead strap with two fingers. Siblings can move the headband to the right position without any effort, even in adjacent seats.

From what age can it be used? The use of NapUp is recommended for children of an age who travel in a forward-facing car seat or high-back booster seat. This means that you can use the NapUp for years after moving from the car seat to the high-back booster seat because it grows with your child. The headrest comes with a forehead strap, which is connected with Velcro and can be adjusted according to the size of the child's head.

How safe is the NapUp headrest? Safety is of the utmost importance to us at NapUp, and that is why we have carried out several head, neck and chest crash tests, and we have also tested a side impact and all the American US-FMVSS 213, NPMR-213 and the European EU-ECER44 are perfectly safe. they found NapUp. The tests were performed and evaluated by the renowned US CALSPAN laboratory, the company that tests all high-quality brand-name car seats, car seats, newborn carriers and high-back booster seats. The US Federal Safety Administration has stated (and described) that NapUp does not in any way affect or modify the protective functions of the car seat in the event of a crash. This means that NapUp is not only convenient, but also safe.

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